Sunday, October 01, 2006

Roger Waters at Deer Creek Music Center

I have been going to concerts at the Deer Creek Music Center outside of Indianapolis since 1990. A few years ago a bad corporate decision was made to rename this venue and many more like it. It's now officially called the Verizon Wireless Music Center but in the hearts of the people who go there to attend concerts, it will forever be the Deer Creek Music Center. I was there last night with some of my musical friends. The day and night was not without challenges. I was driving up with a friend and his son. We got on the road a little later than expected. We didn't realized that I-65 North was closed and so it was a additional delay and hassle just to get out of Louisville. I was also going to meet up with another group of friends to pass on an extra ticket. Connecting with another group of people in a crowd estimated at 30,000 was a challenge. Thank God for cell phones! My group had made it to the venue in time but my other friends got stuck in traffic trying to get into the venue. As fate would have it, I was waiting in the front of the venue and my stuck in the traffic friends ended up in the back of the venue. We made a cell phone connection and arranged a meeting spot. By this time the show was just about to start. I got through the security check and headed for the lawn. When I got there it was a sea of humanity and darkness had fallen. I jumped in and found my way to the top of the hill/lawn where thousands of people were sitting. In the process I lost one group of friends but found another. I decided to stay with the found group and to seek out the lost group after the show. The show itself was excellent. Most of the songs in the show were classic Pink Floyd songs and the cast of musicians backing Roger Waters perfectly recreated the Pink Floyd sound. The crowd was totally into the experience. My friends and I were all happy and the hassles of the day melted away as we grooved on the music. When the concert was over a new challenge presented itself. I easily found my lost friends. As we headed to the parking lot, it started to rain. We didn't care because the show was over. The traffic to get out of the venue was as bad, if not worse, than the traffic getting in. We sat in our car for an hour before starting the engine. After that, it took us an hour and a half to get to our hotel which couldn't have been more than seven or eight miles away. When we got to our hotel, it was 1:30 AM. Did I have a great weekend?

Rolling Stones ticket....$99.00

Roger Water's ticket...$47.50

Room at the Marriott with breakfast...$148.00

Being with my friends and hearing great music....Priceless!

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