Saturday, October 07, 2006

Reality Is Right Around The Corner

When I woke up yesterday it was 46 degrees, a nearly 50% drop in temperature from earlier in the week. Is this the reason my throat hurts this morning? I went to a movie yesterday afternoon. It was the first real activity of the week. In the evening Chloe and her parents came for a visit. We went for what might be one of our last visits to the ice cream shop. Moo’ latté’s lose their appeal in the middle of winter. While sitting there enjoying Chloe’s antics as well as my ice cream, my cell phone rang. It was my friends Tom and John out in Los Angeles. They were sitting in the Hollywood Bowl waiting for the start of Roger Water’s concert. This is the same concert I saw last Saturday in Indianapolis with Tom and others. Tom, John, and I went to high school together and have known one another since we were fifteen years old. We are all old hippies riding out the last waves of the musical history of our generation.

Today is an absolutely beautiful autumn day. It is bright, sunny, and cool. Downtown thousands of people are enjoying the annual St James Art Fair. I sit here in my room listening to Eric Clapton play the blues while the aroma of my coffee tickles my nose. Later, Chloe will be back for the night. That’s always interesting and exhausting. Now that she talks so much, it’s a never ending conversation when she is around. I love it that she can now communicate with me and me with her. She seems to understand me more than I understand her but I am quickly catching up with her.

The reality that my vacation is nearly over weighs heavy. I will be on the road and at the monastery most of tomorrow and then it’s back to the reality of work on Monday. Admittedly, in some ways, it will be nice to get back to a routine.

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