Monday, April 09, 2007

A Day All About Me

I took today off from work. Why? Because I can! After a busy weekend I decided I needed a solitary day with myself. I got up early and took my wife to work so I could have the car. After doing that I stopped for coffee and a breakfast burrito at Dooley's Bagel Shop. I sat in a booth alone with my thoughts and savored my breakfast. Outside the window it was a beautiful morning. It was clear and sunny with a hint of coolness in the air. After getting a refill on my coffee I headed home. Once there I read the morning paper while listening to some blues music from a soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's wonderful documentary on the history of the blues. After a while I packaged some dishes and other items that needed to be dropped off at the Goodwill. I love giving stuff away. It is very liberating. After that errand I went to the car wash. Perhaps its the little child within me but I am always fascinated watching the car go through the car wash. Perhaps I am fascinated because I am not actually washing the car. When it was done I cruised home with that clean car smell all around me. I love a clean car! I spent much of the afternoon, when I wasn't dozing, watching musical DVD's. I started off with the "Concert for George". It was a tribute to George Harrison coordinated by his best friend, Eric Clapton. Many of George's friends and musical collaborators participated. It was very emotional and heartfelt. I found myself misty eyed at times. As I get older I believe my feelings and emotions are tending to show themselves more often. I am a very emotional person and many things move me deeply. When I was younger I was not so easily moved or open about feelings. In the last day or so I have also had moments of sadness that my trip to Columbus was over after so many weeks of anticipation. It was an wonderful 24 hour escape from my normal life. Although not quite as much fun, I enjoyed my day of solitude today.

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