Friday, April 20, 2007

Everything And Nothing/Random Thoughts

I was driving to work this morning when the song "Hotel California" came on the radio. Many of you probably recognize this song by the Eagles. It ends with one of rock and roll's great guitar jams. I would have cranked it up pretty loud except that you know who was in the car with me. She can't handle blazing guitar solos at 7:30 AM. Listening to the song took me back to the year 1976 when I saw three concerts in three days. I saw Elvis Presley, Elton John, and the Eagles. I think these three shows cost me about $60....for two people!

Winter returned yesterday. I went outside expecting some warmth and sun and I found neither. It was overcast and cold. I wonder what season we will have today. At this time of year in Kentucky you never know what you will get. There have been Kentucky Derbies with sleet and snow. The horse ran around the track just to keep warm. Two weeks ago on Easter Sunday it was colder than last Christmas!

Getting home last night was a nightmare. The city closed the 2nd Street Bridge to prepare for the big Thunder over Louisville fireworks that will take place Saturday night. In their infinite wisdom they closed it right before rush hour. Could it not have waited until most of the city workers had left their offices and gone home to the suburbs? Every downtown street was gridlocked and everyone had to find alternate routes to go home. Maybe this was just a dress rehearsal for Saturday night when the 1,000,000 people or however many show up come downtown for the fireworks. I will be at home in my Lazy Boy recliner.

I am glad the work week is over and the weekend is here. I have no idea what the weekend will bring. What I would like is 48 hours of nothingness. These days it seems that every day of my life is busy with some activity or chore. I would like to just wake up tomorrow morning and have nothing to do and all day to get it done. A week or so ago I wrote about some people's obsession with work. Another factor that has diminished our quality of life is our 24 hour, non stop culture. Our society never rests. Many stores and restaurants never close or take a day off. There is always traffic. People are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. Our lifestyles are in conflict with our bodily needs. We cannot turn ourselves off sometimes and most of us are sleep deprived. Those of us who work a five day work week cram our weekends full of activities that cannot be completed in our already overwhelmed weekdays. So what is the solution? Just say no to excessive demands and stop doing things. Take back control of your lives. Listen to your bodies and stressed out minds. Relax and live!

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