Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Laundry And Self Awareness

I have to admit that I like doing the laundry. It is a simple task but it does require some skill. My laundry room is right around the corner from my music room so I am quite content to sort the laundry all over the kitchen floor, throw a load in the washing machine, and then retreat to my room until it is finished. Sometimes I will lay on my couch and the swishing sound of the washing machine lulls me to sleep. I can never sleep too long because sooner or later the buzzer from the dryer will awaken me. It is usually a work night when I do the laundry. After a day of dealing with people, looking at graphs, studying reports, and doing the impossible, folding towels seems like a simple and joyful experience. I also enjoy the solitude associated with doing the laundry. To answer the question that some of you are thinking, no, I won’t do your laundry. Doing the laundry is therapeutic but I don’t need that much therapy!

Do you ever drive yourself crazy? I know there are aspects of my personality that make other people like me but I also get on my own nerves sometimes. It’s mostly small stuff and nothing serious. Over the years I have studied a lot of psychology and read many books on personality types. I think I know myself too well. On the one hand I know myself well enough to understand why some people like me. On the other hand I also know myself well enough to see my more dysfunctional self coming from a mile away. The usual point of such self awareness is to keep that dysfunctional self from ever actually arriving. Sometimes I am successful and other times I am not. Of course, this dysfunctional self is like my twin brother. Others don’t always recognize him. The good news is that he’s not a bad fellow; he’s just not my best self. He’s the fellow that makes me say things I should not say or do things I should not do. He holds me back when I should be more proactive and he jumps ahead when I should be more patient. He’s not a bad person. He’s just annoying, at least to me and perhaps to others as well. Of course, for all I know there may be people who prefer him to my “better” self. Who knows? Life is a mystery.

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