Friday, April 13, 2007

Love and Road Warriors

This was a fast week for me. It really moves things along when you only work three days. Sunday I will be heading to the monastery for a meeting, prayer with the monks, and a pot luck lunch. It seems like I haven't been there in a while. Going to the monastery helps to balance my life. Life is full of many elements. Sometimes I am busy and occasionally I am bored. Sometimes I feel full and other times I feel empty. There are days when my life seems meaningful and other days where I wonder what I am doing and why. Some days I feel surrounded by love and other days I wonder what love is. I know it is something we all want but many do not get the love they need. Love is wonderful but sometimes scary. When people love us we sometimes wonder why or what they want. We want love but are afraid of its demands. We are skeptical of unconditional love. Sometimes we don't trust love. We rarely can accept it at face value and just enjoy its warmth. Life is complicated but why must love be that way, too? When I think about it I realize that I love a lot of people for a lot of different reasons and on a lot of different levels. I think about these kinds of things as I drive through the countryside on my way to and from the monastery or while I sit in the silent abbey church. I enjoy pondering on the mysteries of life and the complexities of human emotions.

As someone who is always willing to drive hundreds of miles for a good night of music, I have sometimes been called a "Road Warrior". For the enjoyment of my fellow road warriors and others, I have written a description of what a road warrior is. I hope you enjoy it.

Road Warrior i.e. noun

An aging and nearly extinct creature who spends all available time and resources searching for the lost chord. These strange and exotic creatures have been known to spend their last dime in pursuit of the chills and emotional satisfaction generated by extended guitar solos, meaningful lyrics, and being with others of their kind. Often misunderstood, they are kind and gentle creatures who enjoy simple pleasures like sitting in their lawn chairs on a summer night while good vibrations fill the space around them. They have even been known to take off their shoes and share a blanket. In the summer months they are often seen in sandals, short pants, and faded rock and roll tee shirts. They have been known to drink the occasional beer. These creatures are free spirits and should not be disturbed when dancing.

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