Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Usually I write my thoughts right before I go to bed. I am often very tired but it seems to be the quietest time of the day for me to write. Last night, however, the my system was down and I couldn't do anything. So, here I am at home, feeling very uninspired and a little rushed because I have to leave for work soon. Yesterday was a tough day at work. There were system problems all day and I had to announce some changes that were not popular with everyone. Change is something that none of us can escape and many do not like at all. I have often wondered why we are so reluctant to change. I think it is only human nature to like what you are used to and what feels comfortable. I know that I personally like the familiar and a stable routine. I have sometimes been resistant to change using the argument that I just prefer stability. However, I have come to the conclusion that my resistance to some change is because it is not an improvement. It's just change. I don't think people in general like to change unless the change makes life better. Show people an improvement and they will usually embrace the new and better way. Why is there so much change in modern life? Is it because life and the world move so fast that the motion itself is constantly rearranging all of life's molecules? I have lived in the same city most of my life. Sometimes when I am driving around I wonder about the landmarks that have disappeared and been replaced by other landmarks. Sometimes it seems to have happened overnight while other times change is so slow that you never notice it until the transformation has been completed. I sometimes look in the mirror and wonder what happened to the young man I once was. I didn't wake up one day and suddenly be the bald, grey bearded, middle aged man I now am. The transformation from a young father to an older grandfather occurred one day at a time in moments where I tried to be present and mindful but I still did not always notice the change. I guess the best thing about change is that it never stops. When life changes for the better...and it sometimes does....I enjoy it. When I do not like the change, I simply make the best of it and wait it out. I know my situation will change again as surely as the sun will rise and set.

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