Monday, September 24, 2007

Nothing Is Simple

It was a very full weekend. You know you're getting old when the highlight of your Friday night is a trip to Target. The highlight of my trip to Target was buying a pumpkin spice latte from the little Starbucks at the front of the store. It was all the excitement I could take on a Friday night. I got up early on Saturday because I was too tired on Friday night to clean out my laundry room plus I am a world class procrastinator. It wasn't that big a job and after I completed it, I had a few hours to chill out until my new washing machine was delivered. Sometimes in my life it seems like nothing is simple. Could the young men delivering my washer simply unhook the old washer and hook up the new one? Of course not! As soon as they attempted to unhook the old one, the pipe sprang a leak! It really wasn't their fault but it immediately threw me into a panic as water started to cover the floor. Thanks to my son, Mike Jr., and a neighbor across the street that we affectionately called "The Dude", the leak was fixed with a little soldering and many dollars were saved by not having to call a plumber on a Saturday. The only real inconvenience was having the water off for a couple of hours which immediately made everyone need to use the bathroom. I am happy to say that at this moment all my laundry has been completed.

During the washer crisis Chloe was present since she was spending the night. I thoroughly enjoy being a grandfather and spending time with her. It is very fulfilling to live life simply and on her terms. That being said, I am no match for a three year old after about 24 hours. Her parents came over on Sunday afternoon for a nice dinner. By the time we cooked the meal, fed everyone, cleaned up the mess, and sent them home, I was wiped out. I enjoy these family encounters but they are exhausting. I now realize how my in laws and parents probably felt after my wife and I did this to them. Chloe was all big eyes and amazement as she and my wife decorated the house with Halloween stuff. I must say it all looks pretty festive in spite of the 90+ degree weather that seemed very much like summer instead of Autumn. Today, by the way, is the first official day of Autumn. No one told the weatherman.

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