Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seeds That Are Scattered To The Wind

Yesterday was another very busy day at work. I think it is because I am beginning a three day retreat at the monastery on Friday. Whenever I am going to the monastery for a weekend I always seem to have a hectic and busy week beforehand. After work yesterday I picked up my granddaughter and we had dinner. We also had bath time and when it was time for her to go home with Mom and Dad she was hesitant. Being at Grandma and Pa Paw's is like being at Disneyland. In order to get her to go quietly I had to part with one of my toy dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. She promised to take care of it for me. Just to be safe I gave her a plant eater. She's not old enough for a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Later in the evening when I was on my computer I had a note from someone in England who reads my daily thoughts. Publishing my thoughts on the Internet greatly expands my potential audience. The note reminded me how powerful my words and the words of others can be. I have no idea how many people see and read my thoughts. They are like seeds that are scattered to the wind. Where they go and where they land is any one's guess. Many days I hear from someone telling me I wrote what they needed to hear. Other days my readers are silent. Most days I wonder if I said anything of value. I am a life long spiritual seeker and when I think I have found something of value along my path, I usually share it, hoping it is of value to others. Sometimes I think people believe I am always at peace, always centered, and never flustered. One or two think I glow in the dark because of the Zen flame that burns within me. (smile) The truth is that I am pretty average and I often struggle with my life and the challenges it presents. I am a naturally introspective person. My daily thoughts simply represent a transformation from a private journal keeper to a more public thinker. I am not always right and sometimes I probably have no idea what I am talking about. I simply think out loud and others often agree with me or are prompted to do their own reflections. I've proven that an ordinary guy can think deeply about life and God and granddaughters while still loving rock and roll.

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