Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going On Retreat Again

It is pouring down rain outside. Thunder gently rumbles and lightening occasionally illuminates the sky. I am leaving in the morning for a three day contemplative retreat at the monastery. I attend these retreats every autumn. It will be a different kind of retreat than the one I attended with the men of my parish. Although there will be some activity, it is mostly what some people call a silent retreat. One of the big differences this year is that there will be an overflow group attending. We are expecting about 60 people from around the country. Many I know and some I only see once a year at this retreat. Because of the demand for rooms, I am staying down the road with my good friend, Fr. Dennis. It will be good to have some unrushed time with him. The theme of this years retreat is spiritual friendship. All true friendship is spiritual on a deep level. Friendship is when two people connect on a deep and soulful level. I have been blessed with many such relationships in my life. Lately my life has seemed very busy and hectic. I look forward to this weekend to slow down a bit and relax in the silence and solitude of the monastery. Although the monastery will be crowded, it will be crowded with people who are much like me. Most of the time these people will be seeking out the quiet and solitary places around the monastery and the beautiful woods and fields and hills. The thunder outside my window as I write these words makes me wish I was already there. I would love to be in a hidden and dry spot outdoors, with my morning coffee, listening to the gentle rain. In my mind I am already there. My body, however, must get through one more day of work. Part of this day must be spent moving to a new building. When I return next week I will be sitting in a new spot in a another building. See you soon!

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