Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finally Home!

By the time I got home last night I was really tired. It's been a busy time at work. Picked up Chloe at the day care on Monday and Tuesday. I think she may end up as a circus acrobat. I will be picking her up again today. Although she wears me out...I am not really a pony....I always look forward to seeing her. Last night I attended the first gathering of the retreat team that I volunteered to be on. It was an interesting experience. This first meeting began with some of us sharing our life history. Most of the other men I barely know although I have frequently seen them at church. It amazed me how interesting and diverse some people's lives are. I also found it interesting and a little tough to summarize my entire life without taking all night to do it. When you look at your own life so far, what are the major movements and chapters? What has been significant? Who were major players? What were some of your turning points? How have you ended up where you are? When I finally got home after a few hours, all I wanted to do was sit. I changed my clothes and placed myself in my Lazy Boy chair. I felt like Captain Kirk on the command deck of the Starship Enterprise. Not wanting to challenge my brain too much, I watched a DVD of a Moody Blues concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London backed by a full orchestra. I cranked up my surround sound and relaxed. The Moody Blues are one of my favorite bands and they have been part of my life for forty years. I have put some of their children through college. I have all their CD's and have attended many of their concerts. It was a great performance. I am glad today is Thursday and tomorrow is the end of the work week. I need to spend more time dozing off in my chair.

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