Friday, September 14, 2007

Dinner With A Princess

Last night I had dinner with a Princess. Grandma was going out to dinner with friends, Mommy was sick, and Daddy had to work late. That left me to pick up Chloe at the day-care and take her out to dinner. Afterwards, we went back to my house to hang out until Daddy got off work. We watched a movie and ate Jell-O. I must remember in the future to NEVER let Chloe eat red Jell-O in the living room while the carpet is still new. Fortunately, I had some carpet cleaner and I was able to scrub the redness out before Granny returned home. At some point we also had a tea party with a tea set that I think belonged to my mother in law. Chloe's become more fascinated with my beard. She yanked on it and at one point spread it apart exclaiming, "Papaw, you do have a chin"! All in all we had a good night. When I picked Chloe up at the day care, she ran into my arms and hugged me tightly. After what has been a long week at work, it was the highlight of the week for me. I could feel the love. Later, when it was time for Chloe to go home, she gave me another hug and a big kiss. She made it to the front door and then ran back into my living room saying, "I want another kiss"!

After Chloe, and before Granny returned home, I watch a DVD called "Mad Dogs and Englishmen". It was a documentary of a famous rock tour by Joe Cocker that took place back in 1970. Boy! Did we have a lot of hair in those days and some really awful clothes. Of course, the music rocked and still transcends everything else from those bygone days.

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