Monday, October 20, 2008

All Things Are Impermanent

Today was a beautiful day. It started out cold and dark but turned into a sunny, but cool, day. Several times throughout my workday, I ventured outside for quiet intervals, walking and sitting in the small park outside my office. I was busy all day but the day seemed long.

Tonight my wife and I were sitting in a Dairy Queen restaurant having a fast food dinner before going to the grocery store. The pantry was bare, we were both tired, and neither of us wanted to go. Going to the grocery isn't really that difficult but it can seem daunting on a work night after a long day. We both talked about how tired we are that there always seems to be something to do. Both of us agreed that at this time in our lives we are over just about everything. We've had many years of marriage, family life, and work, with all the demands that accompany them. We're tired of working and tired of many of our obligations. Life is so busy and non stop that we never feel truly rested. Besides my stumbling along the spiritual path, the two of us go through much of life in a haze of fatigue. I am taking a vacation day on Wednesday. Can I simply have a day with nothing to do and no obligations? Of course not! My car needs an oil change and my Dad needs a visit.

Today was my first work day in approximately five years where I did not send out my daily thoughts to hundreds of people via email. I felt a sense of sadness and relief. Although I enjoy writing, there have been times where people's expectations that I provide them with inspiration and occasional humor stressed me out. It just seemed to be the right time to stop it. As one of my friend's said in a email to me today, "It's Buddhism 101: All Things are Impermanent". I agree. It was time for a change. Now I can focus on this blog and hopefully the people who really want to read my writings will find the time and the energy to read them here. It will be a change for many people as well as me. I know some are disappointed that I stopped the old format. Many liked the convenience and timing of finding my daily thoughts waiting for them each morning in their email inbox. It was an effort I could no longer sustain.

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Gabriele said...

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