Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back To Reality

I was missing my granddaughter this afternoon so I decided to pick her up at the daycare center. After a night of rock and roll, nothing brings me back to reality like my granddaughter. After parking my car I was walking to the entrance of the daycare when I saw a familiar silhouette out on the playground. It was Chloe. Before she saw me a chorus of little voices shouted, "Chloe, your Pa Paw is here"! Chloe stood up from the dirt pile she was playing in and looked around. As soon as she spotted me she bolted for the fence like an Olympic sprinter. When she got to where I was standing she lifted up her arms. I grabbed her hands and then she proceeded to scale the fence. Soon she was in my arms giving me a big hug. After I strapped her in her car seat we headed downtown to pick up Grandma. Along the way we talked about all kinds of things. She pointed to the sky and told me the clouds looked like fish. We then agreed that the sky was blue like the ocean and the clouds were all fish swimming around. Quite an imagination! After we picked Grandma up, we inched our way through the evening rush hour stopping for some dinner before coming to my house. Once there we had a very enjoyable time until Dad arrived from work to take her home. It was the perfect ending to a very pleasant day.

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