Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Day Of Gifts

Yesterday seemed like my birthday or maybe Christmas. I got all kinds of gifts from people I work with. Once during a food day I commented on how much I liked some Philippine rolls that remind one of egg rolls. Yesterday one of my co-workers brought me a whole plateful of them with dipping sauce. Another co-worker just returned to this country from the Ukraine with gifts of a religious Icon, chocolates, and one of those beautiful Russian figurines where you open it and there's a smaller doll, and another smaller doll, etc. I'm sure they must have an official name for these but I am not sure what it is. Finally, another co-worker sent me home with freshly made Zucchini bread. Life is good, people are generous, and I am very fortunate to have such caring people in my life.

We are having great weather. I am sleeping at night with the windows open and the cool night air blows through my bedroom. Yesterday it was cool enough in the early morning for a sweater. While I was waiting for my coffee to finish brewing I went outside and walked to the end of my driveway for the morning paper. At this time of year it is dark except for the glow of the street light. The air was fresh and invigorating. The sky was clear and the stars sparkled like tiny diamonds set deep in a dark velvet sky. In such moments I can become totally lost in the moment. Autumn is just beginning and the best is yet to come. In a couple of weeks my son, Nick, will be home from the seminary. I haven't seen him for two months and I miss him. Even though I gave him to God doesn't mean I don't want him back once in a while. While he is home the family will make our annual trek across the river to the pumpkin fields of southern Indiana. Although Chloe is the smallest person in the family she is a very large presence. She will laugh and talk my ear off as we sit together on the farm trailer and ride out to the pumpkin patch. I can hear her now, "What about this one, Pa Paw"? Here's what it might look like on the way to pumpkin land.

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