Friday, October 17, 2008

Ordinary Days

Lately my days have felt very ordinary. They have not been without activity but in a way I can't totally explain or understand, life seems slower. In our lives there are special days like holidays, holy days, birthdays, and anniversaries. These kinds of days bring attention to special remembrances or celebrations. Most of our lives, however, are made up of ordinary days. Depending on where we are in life and what we are doing, ordinary will mean different things to different people. For me ordinary means days that are basically simple and uncomplicated. They are days where the routines and rituals of my life keep me going when nothing else is pushing or pulling me along. I am generally a happy guy. My life is not perfect and everything doesn't go my way but I am happy more than I am sad. In fact, I don't think I am ever sad. A bad day for me is when I feel bored. My happiness doesn't come from having low expectations about life. My expectations are actually quite high. It may not be apparent to everyone, even those close to me, but I am a dreamer and a romantic. I am usually imaging life as it can be rather than as it usually is most days. I am an optimist and I always believe life will be better even when it isn't. The most dependable source of happiness for me is appreciation and gratitude for the simple and joyful things in life. I like a cool breeze coming in my bedroom window while I sleep. I like early morning when stars fill the sky and there's a full moon while I walk down my driveway for the morning paper. I like sitting in silence and sipping my first cup of coffee. I like the multi colored sky as a new day is beginning and I am walking through the park to my office. I like the laughter of co-workers and lunch with friends. I like the end of my workday when I get in my car, breath a sigh of relief, and turn the ignition key. I like crossing the threshold of my home at the end of a work day. After a shower or a bath, and a change of clothes, I enjoy the solitude of my music room when sounds fill the air and I read my morning paper. I like to make my granddaughter, Chloe, laugh. All these things and more make me happy. They are simple things, ordinary things, and mostly free. Of course, I realize that some of my happiness comes from being older and not having to deal with a lot of things that once filled my life. When I appreciate these simple things and I am grateful for all the good things in my life, I am living well and in the moment.

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