Friday, October 17, 2008

For Those Who Have Been On My Email Distribution List

It is with much regret that I have come to the decision to discontinue my daily thoughts via the email format that I have been using for a number of years. My daily thoughts are a victim of their own success. There are hundreds of people in my company and outside of it who have been receiving my daily emails. There is not a week that goes by where I do not receive several requests for names to be added to my list. Considering the fact that I send out daily thoughts five days a week, the number of emails I shoot into cyber space is staggering. Although I generally write my daily thoughts at home, I am using my employers email system for distribution. I am at a point where I am no longer comfortable sending out so many emails. My daily thoughts started out very small. Originally I sent a few quotes to a small group of co-workers. At some point I started writing my personal thoughts and reflections and they became very popular. My daily thoughts took on a life of their own. Eventually I started posting them on this blog. Now I don't even know many of the people who receive them. I very much enjoy writing them and I will continue doing so. However, if you wish to continue reading them, I must ask that you visit my blog. I believe the blog is set up so you can subscribe to it and you will receive an email whenever I post something. The other option is simply going to the blog and reading it online. I have enjoyed sharing my life and thoughts with you. I believe I have done some good things and I know I have touched many people's lives in a positive way. I appreciate all the kind, affirming, and complimentary emails you have sent me. I am humbled that so many like what I write and that some of you have shared your own struggles and dreams with me. If I have learned nothing else from writing the daily thoughts, I know now how many people there are besides me who hunger for a meaningful and authentic life. I have also learned how much alike all of us are regardless of our gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyles, or age.

Thank you very much for letting me share my life with you. I'm not really going away....stay tuned!

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