Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Sleep Time Travel?

Some days are just ordinary and, occasionally, boring. We can feel as though we are just going through the motions. Some days that really is all we are doing. On days like this I am reminded of the character played by Bill Murray in the movie "Groundhog Day". I feel like this a lot. Some days I feel like my entire day consists of getting out of bed over and over and the same song is always playing on the radio. The sameness of these ordinary days causes them to run together in a blurry kind of dreamscape. It's challenging to differentiate one day from another. Recently my youngest son posted a status update on his Facebook page that simply said, "Is sleep time travel"? Ordinary days can seem to flow like a river and it's difficult to sense where one day begins and another ends. A flowing river is often used as a metaphor for the passage of time. When we are not spiritually awake we can find ourselves sleeping through our lives even when we are busy. Maybe my son is on to something. When we sleep through our lives we miss much of our life's experience. When we finally wake up, spiritually speaking, we can find ourselves further down the river of life and, in a sense, our sleep has been time travel. In moments of wakefulness we sometimes find ourselves in different places with no memory of how we got from one place to another. One day I was 25 years old and the next "day" I was 58 years old. What happened to the 33 years in between? Who is this old man I see in the mirror every morning? Where did he come from and how did he get in my house?


Anonymous said...

Sleep is a type of dimension / time travel. I think we can see ourselves in other time slots ahead or behind when we sleep. I've visited parallels that are exactly like the one my physical body is in with the time shifted forward. What you bring back is just a vision of a possibility, there are infinite time slots running parallel... going both (to our perspective) forwards and backwards... and in some up and down. So in theory anything is possible. I've also visited ones that are not like this one... some are complete chaos, and some of my time slots are oasis. I don't belong in this time slot... There was a bad experiment one night where I woke up half way through a violent REM... Now I'm stuck here... and I'm afraid to do it again... most of my visited possible realities are shaky and I'm still trying to get used to the changes.

Laura said...

I have been finding that I am not finding many people to discuss this matter with. I am pondering what is going on with me. My arms and feet actually move in my sleep. I sleptwalk as a child. I dream very vivid dreams and wake up fully with very detailed information on my mind. Sometimes the things I can recall would make good movies. Over the years I have actually began accessing and describing to myself by appointing assigned "neighborhoods" and assigned portholes to go in dreams and get out. I know for me to get out is by use of doors. For me traveling and interacting with others is by use of stairways or buses. If I am wanting to find someone in this realm the world I live in today and look for them in the world I am in which is my dream, I have to find them in the neighborhoods I am in and getting to and fro is hard without money.
Sometimes depending on how deeply I sleep, I have more powers. I can get places just by thinking. Other times I have to take buses or travel just like I would normally. If I follow a person into their home I risk humiliation or shame. I have found that trying to explain why I am tracking someone down in "my dream" is a lot harder than you would think. They too are aware that they are not in the world that they live in and they too are aware of their surroundings. I have personally encountered a few blunders.
***most of the time they don't want to be found and they enter your world as a different person or they hide their identity by putting on different clothing and wear different faces or hair. In my world they can do this. They however can not give any change to their personalities or voice because that is a part of their soul and they are not allowed to change that. The person that commented before me had mentioned alternative realities or that person refered to it as parallels. I think that every time I go to sleep I never know which world or (parallel) I am going to go to. I just go to where ever. I don't really have any control but I do know that I have ended up being into a spiritual realms before and they are pretty intense. Especially the satanic ones. If anyone wants to email me they can.

Anonymous said...

CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO ME THE OTHER NIGHT?l went to bed at 10 p.m. Saturday night, fell asleep instantly, woke up feeling like it was 5 or 6 a.m., looked at the clock and it was 9:36 p.m.still Saturday night!!! I KNOW I slept quite awhile, how could I wake up a half hour earlier than when I went to bed???

Anonymous said...

Folks: I have 2 comments: 1) is it possible to have the same dream as your pet and "we" both experienced the same sorroundings/adventure together (I know this because my wife is a cat whisperer - they communicate by picture thoughts)?
2) I had a physical time travel (forward) dream a few nights ago. It involved some people I didn't know in an old environment. Some type of wizardry moved me ahead from the here in my dream to a there with robed alchemical types of individuals unknown to me sorrounding us. They said "Oh, some more of you?" also (I popped in and out - in real time it took about 40 minutes - clockwise). I have also been channelling songs and words upon awakening. This time the word Aphasia, came to mind.
You can write to me about any of these questions/thoughts; my name is John: