Tuesday, April 07, 2009

There And Back Again

At some point within the last few days I blinked my eyes and found myself back home. That's how fast my trip to the mountains seemed to go. I got up before dawn on Friday and drove to Tennessee. The trip is approximately 285 miles and it was cold and rainy the entire way. It was not a beautiful day but I was free and doing what I wanted. In spite of the rain and the general bleakness of the day, I was impressed with the beauty of hundreds of purple flowered red bud trees along the interstate. About half way there my wife and I stopped for a nice breakfast. Afterwards, with stiff muscles stretched a bit and my tummy full, the last hundred or so miles passed quickly. When we arrived at our destination we checked into our hotel. Feeling weary after the long drive we decided to take a nap. It was early afternoon and the hotel was mostly empty and very quiet so I slept like a baby for about three hours. It felt wonderful. After waking up we hit the streets and looked for a suitable place to have dinner. We ended up at a place called the Mountain's Edge Grill. It was simple. The food was tasty but not spectacular. Our best meal would be the next night but that meal also cost three times as much. Since Friday was cold and a bit dreary, we returned to out hotel early and called it a night. Saturday and Sunday were picture perfect. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the temperature was in the 70's. Saturday was spent shopping and walking and generally just relaxing. I got some great CD deals at a music store plus some vintage rock and roll posters to hang in my music room. The drive home on Sunday was very mellow. Traffic was light. the day was beautiful, and when conditions are like that I love a nice drive. After a trip I always allow an extra day at home to rest up. Yesterday's weather was a recreation of Friday. It was cold and dreary all day. The day turned out busier than expected with some errands that needed to be done. All in all, though, the break was nice and I had a pleasant time.

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