Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend Is Here!

Today was a beautiful spring day. The morning was cool but the sun was shining bright during my morning commute. There is a flurry of activity in the downtown area. Just a block away hundreds of construction workers toil away and work their magic as they build a new basketball arena. With a greater sense of urgency other people prepare for the annual Derby event called "Thunder over Louisville" that will take place tomorrow. Depending on the weather, nearly a million people on both sides of the Ohio River will attend. This is a massive air show and fireworks display to kick off the two week celebration called "The Derby Festival". Each year the biggest day in Louisville is the first Saturday in May. It's a little horse race we call the Kentucky Derby.

It promises to be a great weekend. Tomorrow I will rise early from my bed and meet my good friend, Father Dennis, for breakfast, I haven't seen him for about six weeks so we have lots to catch up on. After breakfast I will continue my travels to the monastery for a gathering of friends. I am part of two discussion groups that give me excuses...not that I need go to the monastery twice a month. After what I know will be a pleasant morning I will make the return trip home where I will be greeted at the front door by my granddaughter who is the new Queen of Trampolines. My mood is noticeably lighter and I feel good today. This is further proof to me that moods are like the weather. Some days are bright, sunny, and pleasant while other days storm clouds gather. You may then experience a few days of overcast skies and chilly winds. All you can do is dress appropriately or seek shelter as needed. If you are patient, and even if you are not, the storm will pass and a new day will dawn. You can't really avoid the storms of life but you can be prepared for them and when they arrive just hunker down until they move on.

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