Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joy In Action

In the past I have mentioned a friend named Katie. Katie was my girlfriend in the summer of 1970. We had lots of fun together. Eventually our lives drifted apart and we lost touch with one another for many years. A few years ago a mutual friend saw Katie, mentioned me, and we contacted one another through email. This past year Katie was in town and we met one another for breakfast. It was a wonderful and very pleasant reunion. We are the same age. Her laughter and enthusiasm during our meal, however, reminded me of the young girl that I knew so many years ago. I'm not sure you can be around Katie or be in contact with Katie and remain in a bad mood for very long. Katie is one of my biggest fans when it comes to my writing. Regular readers know that lately my mood has not always been positive or upbeat. I should have expected an email from Katie calling me out about it. Well, the email arrived yesterday. It was pure Katie. She basically told me to get over it, snap out of it, read my own writings, and think about all the love in my life. Reading her note I could easily visualize her saying it to my face. Her note made my day. While thinking about it today I received the picture of my granddaughter, Chloe, shown above. Any picture of Chloe brings a smile to my face. This particular picture could be titled "Joy in Action". Chloe is definitely in the moment. It makes me think I should go out and buy a trampoline, not just for Chloe visits, but for Pa Paw to use whenever he's in a funk. It would certainly bounce the funk right out of you. So, thank you, Katie! I know you are out there and that is a comfort to me. Chloe, I know you are not reading my blog yet but perhaps someday you will read it and you will see this note and your picture. You are an inspiration to your Pa Paw.

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