Friday, June 05, 2009

Early Morning

I love early mornings at home when I do not have to go to work. It's not that work is bad, it's just that being home is better. Today I woke up at the exact time I would normally awaken to get ready for work. My head was full of thoughts that could have waited till later in the day. I tried to push them out of my mind and to fall back asleep. Occasionally I did drift off into a myriad of dreams but I kept waking back up. Since I enjoy being awake more than I enjoy being asleep...literally and spiritually....I got out of bed. Yesterday it rained most of the day and this morning the air is still cool and moist. However, when I walked outside to pick up my morning paper the sun was bright and warm. While my coffee was brewing I toasted an English muffin. When all was ready I sat with the morning news while David Gilmour's "Live in Gdansk" quietly played in the background. It's a wonderful recording from Gilmour's world tour in 2007. Most of the first disc is his entire last solo CD entitled "On an Island". It is a thing of beauty. The rest of this double CD contains well known Pink Floyd classics. I highly recommend "On an Island", "Live from Gdansk" and his DVD from the same tour called "Live at the Royal Albert Hall".

My week of vacation is rapidly coming to an end. Sometime today I will take in a movie but that is my only goal. I will continue doing what I love which is mostly reading and listening to music. I am not sure what tomorrow will bring but Sunday I will be going to the monastery for much of the day. Monday will be here soon and I will be cast back into the grind of the work week. Now it is time to ignore the future and be in the moment. My coffee cup is empty and needs a refill. My chair is empty and needs me to sit in it. The book on my table is closed and needs to be opened and read. Life is good.

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