Sunday, June 14, 2009

Woodstock And Granddaughters

Much of my leisure time this past week has been spent traveling in a time machine back to the summer of 1969. What's so significant about 1969? Well, I turned 18 years old and graduated from high school. In recent weeks I have been contacted about my 40th high school reunion. A more historical event that occurred in the summer of 1969 was the now famous Woodstock Music and Art Fair held on Max Yasgur's farm. Although some people assume I attended the original Woodstock, the truth is that I did not attend in body but I was certainly there in spirit. I attended other similar events but none quite so famous. The good news is that I did eventually see most of the performers who were at Woodstock including Jimi Hendrix. Much is being made about the 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Perhaps it is because my generation is now nearing retirement age. Most people who attended or performed at Woodstock are now in their 60's. Woodstock did not change the world but for many in my generation, including me, it represented a peak of our youthful passion and idealism. On a purely musical level there were many incredible performances....and a few that weren't so incredible. One of the joys of this 40th anniversary year is a re-entry into the video and audio vaults to release more of the music that freaks like me have wanted to hear for years. A new DVD release includes three hours of previously unseen footage that didn't make it into the original film documentary. The original soundtrack albums/CD's have been remastered with new liner notes. What I am chomping at the bit to hear, and what I have pre-ordered, are CD's of the complete performances of Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, Johnny Winter, Janis Joplin, and Santana! When those arrive I may have to take a day off of work! Every generation has their defining moments and the three days of peace and music called "Woodstock" was such a moment for aging hippies like me.

Earlier this afternoon I was deep into a granddaughter induced nap when a loud clap of thunder jolted me from my dreams. I was likely near the stage at Woodstock. Sunday afternoon naps after an overnight visit from my granddaughter are a tradition in my life. I love my granddaughter more than anyone or anything but she wears me out! My 58 year old body can not keep up with her five year old energy. She had me up today at the crack of dawn. She woke me and said, "Pa Paw, it's time to go make coffee and I want to watch the mouse movie". The mouse movie was "The Tale of Despereaux". At 8:00 AM this morning we began watching it for the second time. Viewing it was also the last thing we did before going to bed last night. It's actually very good and I recommend it to all adults. Children's movies have come a very long way from the Disney classics I watched as a child.

My son, Nick, goes back to school tomorrow after being home for approximately a month. As soon as he completes a couple of summer school classes he will graduate from college. In the fall here will continue his studies for the priesthood in a graduate school that has yet to be determined. He hope to attend Catholic University in Washington, D. C. but he's still waiting for the powers that be to make this decision. I guess I need to get off here now and do my Sunday night laundry! Arrrh! Tomorrow begins another work week! Weekends go by so quickly!

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