Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Weekend

Sometime within the last few days I had my 6000th visit to this blog. I appreciate those who stop by and I hope those who do return. I know there are regular readers and others who never return. I find it interesting and a little exciting that people all over the world read my blog. I am grateful for all of you, whoever and wherever you are. I hope that what you find here is of some comfort or enjoyment.

Yesterday was a busy and full day. After a good night's sleep I got out of bed and went to a local restaurant where I met two strangers. They had contacted me by email and wanted to discuss the lay group I lead at the monastery. They were very interesting people with lots of education and life experience plus a deep curiosity about contemplation, Zen, and spiritual living. We hit it off very well and spent nearly two hours discussing all of these things. They seemed to be kindred spirits and I suspect we will be seeing more of one another. I often feel less than spiritual in my daily living so I am usually amazed how much passion I have for spiritual things when I am involved in such a conversation. Whether I am talking about the spiritual life, music, or my granddaughter, I often get very excited and I believe this excitement reveals my passion. I love to be passionate. It makes me feel alive. So much of life can be boring or life draining. Passion is energizing and it fills us with life.

After my breakfast meeting I came home and immediately left for a pool party at the home of some friends. It was a good day for such a party. The sun was shining bright, the sky was blue, and it was hotter than hell. Officially, it has been summer for less than a week. However, it seems we've already had many days with temperatures in the 90's. The pool party was enjoyable. The water felt great, I didn't get too sunburned, and the frozen alcoholic concoctions that I drank throughout the afternoon were very, very tasty. I should be living in Key West, Florida with Jimmy Buffet as my neighbor. In the evening we had an Italian dinner where I drank too much wine, ate too much bread and pasta, and experienced a diabetic hell. When I got up this morning my blood sugar level was 212....not good.

Today I slowly got out of bed. I really didn't want to get up but I forced myself to do so because I always enjoy my weekend mornings where I can sit in my chair, drink my coffee, listen to my music, and read my morning newspaper. Now it is early afternoon and soon Chloe and her parents will be here so my son can install a new window air conditioner. It is for my bedroom and is an attempt to cool down my menopausal wife who I am afraid will burst into flames any day. She's always hot and I am always cold. Once this air conditioner is installed I will need to buy some new flannel pajamas, a hat and gloves, and a new electric blanket. Once my wife cranks up this new air conditioner sleeping in my bedroom will be like camping out on Mount Everest in a snowstorm. I may need to also buy a small pup tent for my side of the bed.

Here's a great website. Check it out. I love Zen. People think it is complicated. It's not. Zen is simple. Zen is being where you are and doing what you are doing. It is that simple and it's that challenging. When you are walking, just walk. When you are eating, just eat. Whatever you are doing, just do it.

Master your senses, What you taste and smell, What you see, what you hear. In all things be a master Of what you do and say and think. Be free. Are you quiet? Quieten your body. Quieten your mind. By your own efforts Waken yourself, watch yourself, And live joyfully. Follow the truth of the way. Reflect upon it. Make it your own. Live it. It will always sustain you.

- from the Dhammapada

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