Monday, June 08, 2009

A Visit From Chloe

My granddaughter just left a few minutes ago. She is so full of life! I have been missing her because I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. She and her parents dropped by to show my wife and I their new dog. "Charlie Brown" is chihuahua #2. They are on their way home to introduce Charlie Brown to "Cosmo" who is chihuahua #1. Let's hope everyone likes everyone else. It may be a long night.

I've never been a huge fan of poetry but recently a friend sent me a poem that I really liked. She found it on Garrison Keillor's website. He is most famous for his Prairie Home Companion radio show. On the website I subscribed to receiving a daily poem, most of which I have found delightful. If you are interested in taking a little risk and reading a few poems, check out this website.

Another friend recently made a trip to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He sent me the following note.

At the exit of the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, just before entering the brass plaque filled Hall of Honor of all the greats... both past and present, you find a quote from Emmylou Harris which ALL music lovers will appreciate:

"We can’t know where we’re going until we know where we’ve been. And the music of the past is not just to study and put in a museum. The way to study it is to put it on the stereo and turn it up as loud as you can."

I couldn't agree more!

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