Monday, November 07, 2011

Appreciating Wellness

I got up early on Saturday morning and was enjoying the peace and quiet of my early morning solitude. At some point I stood up and decided to refill my coffee mug. In an instant I felt a very severe pain and it seemed like the top half of my body had dis-connected from the bottom half. I nearly went to my knees and it actually kind of scared me. The rest of the weekend I was down and out, moving around as little as possible. Today I went to work but I was moving very slow. One of those wrap around themo heating pads, along with lots of aspirins, got me through the day. Now I am home and very happy to be here. Last week it was a cold. This week it's a severly strained back. My everyday medical conditions are enough of a trial without these added burdens. I try not to complain and it has made me more mindful of those who suffer through everyday with chronic health conditions. As soon as I feel my "normal" self, I will certainly have a new appreciation for wellness.

Andy Rooney died over the weekend at the age of 92. He was my favorite part of the “60 Minutes” news show. I loved his commentaries. I could be the Andy Rooney of my generation. There is much to complain about, the world is full of absurdity, and I have a warehouse of sarcasm that I have never expressed. However, in all the things I have written, I have avoided complaining. There are enough people complaining about almost everything. What people need most is hope and encouragement. That’s why I have always tried to put a positive spin on everything I write. I have agreed with most of Andy’s diatribes, and, in his defense, he also wrote and presented many thoughtful and sensitive pieces. More often than not he hit the nail on the head. I like to give people hope and encouragement instead of constantly reminding them how crazy and stupid life can be. In addition I hope I can remind people how wonderful life can be and how much there is to be grateful for in spite of colds and strained backs.

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