Monday, November 28, 2011

The Blur Of The Holidaze

This is the time of year that often becomes a blur. Once Thanksgiving is over life becomes very hectic and often very stressful for many people. On the way to work this morning my wife and I were discussing how our personal family Christmas is already almost out of control. We’ve got too many decorations and we’ve already spent too much money. If you’re not careful Christmas becomes a job or a project instead of a time when you simply enjoy the holiday spirit. Too much is, well, too much. If Christmas is running you ragged and empting your bank account, you’re over doing it. Slow down, breathe, and remind yourself that the value of Christmas is not determined by the quantity of things you do. Having said this, my home looks beautiful. My wife is a female version of Clark Griswold although I am more like Clark's wife who finally said to their daughter, "It's Christmas, Audrey, we're all miserable. My wife puts a lot of effort into making everything beautiful. Christmas preparations at my house have gone fairly well with the exception of an outdoor mechanical Santa and a snowman. In spite of wires and rocks to hold them down, they keep flying off the porch whenever the wind blows. I’m pretty sure they will be going back to the Hobby Lobby sometime this week. Let me close this Christmas rant with one of my favorite Christmas stories about my granddaughter. When she was three or four years old she grabbed one of the Three Wise Men from my Nativity set, looked at me and asked, “Paw Paw, is this the Burger King”? How could that not make you smile?

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