Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Is Like A River

I am loving these windy, blustery days when millions of falling leaves are swirling in the air. I find it interesting and enjoyable anytime the seasons change. I believe our lives also have seasons. With the right attitude the changes in our lives can be just as enjoyable.

Life is like a river. When the river is calm, I float in my inner tube, unaware of the river itself, and I just enjoy all the scenery along the way. When I hit the white water rapids of life I hang on for dear life and hope I survive until the river of life calms down once again. Whether the river is calm or chaotic, it's all the same river. The irony is that it's not even about the river. It's about the journey.

A young fish was swimming along in the water one day. When he came upon an older, wiser, fish he asked, "Where is the ocean?” The older fish responded, "Are you kidding? You're in the ocean! It's all around you!" So it is with God. We are swimming in God's presence. He is all around us. Like the fish in the ocean, in God we live and breathe and have our being.

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Tina Wheatley said...

Love this!