Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas On The Horizon

I am not necessarily wild about it but Christmas started appearing at my house over the weekend. My wife is a Christmas nut and there’s no stopping her at this time of the year. We’re not decorated yet, and our fake trees are still in their boxes, but everything is out of the storage shed and laying in whatever room it will finally appear. It was all hands on deck this past weekend, including my granddaughter, so now my house looks like Santa’s workshop after a rare North Pole tornado. Fortunately for me I was excused from the heavy lifting because of my back issues. By the time my wife is done my home will look like a small version of Disneyland at Christmas. Every room on the first floor will have some kind of decoration. We will have three Christmas trees, some seasonal prints hanging on the wall, towels you can’t use in the bathroom, snowman mugs for coffee and hot chocolate, lights on the bushes, and candles in the windows. It’s all quite beautiful but unfortunately we don’t have a special crew of people like Disneyworld or the White House. I’ve learned not to fight it because I will lose. It reminds me of something my granddaughter once said to me. She said, “Paw Paw, your whole house is magic. That’s why I never get tired when I am here”.

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