Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Life Is Not That Complicated

Life is not that complicated. People only want three things. They want to be loved, to be appreciated, and to be happy. Love those around you. If you can't love them, at least care about them as human beings. Let people know that you appreciate who they are and what they do for you. Choose to be happy and work to bring happiness to those around you. Our unhappiness usually centers on the misdirected pursuit of power, prestige, and possessions. It's really all about people.

Young people are often sad because they have not yet learned to be grateful.

Everyone you meet and everything you do is either life giving or life taking. Look at your relationships, the things you do, and how you spend your time. Do these people and activities build up your life, give it energy and meaning, or do they tear down your life and leave you depleted of any zest for living? Choose wisely!

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David Noltemeyer Sr., CFM said...

Great reminders... right time, right place for me!