Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A Place You Can Only Visit Once

Time is like a place you can only visit once. I can look back on a day of my life or a period of time much like I might daydream about a great vacation I once had. Time, like a vacation or other experience, can rarely be duplicated. Nothing new is ever quite the same as something past. I know because I have tried to re-create wonderful experiences and they were never the same as the original experience. Of course, this can also be comforting when we have bad experiences. I’m sure all of us have had times where we think, “I hope I never have to go through that again”. Knowing this I always try to be in the moment and to either enjoy it or endure it. When life is good, and I’m having a pleasant experience, I often say to myself, “Enjoy this moment”. When life is a struggle, or I am going through sometime painful, I usually say to myself, “This too shall pass”. Time and life is like a river. Sometimes we just float along and enjoy the ride but occasionally the current is strong and it’s difficult to control.  It may even be a little scary.  The older I get the more I realize that time is a gift that should not be wasted. There is much in my rear view mirror. Most of it was pleasant but like many people, there were experiences I would not want to relive. The river of time is still flowing for me, and I look forward to where it may lead me, but rivers don’t flow backwards. Wherever you are in your time journey, enjoy the view and the ride.

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