Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Mondays sure come around quickly. I always feel so good when Friday night rolls around. The weekend looms large but in the blink of an eye a new work week begins. I’m feeling a little sore this morning. I’m not sure if it’s because I sat around too much this weekend or its from getting all the patio furniture out yesterday. As soon as the day really kicks in I will stop noticing it. A new week brings a return to the rituals of the work day. I crawl out of bed, shower and get dressed, drink my coffee, eat my toast, and meditate before I leave home. Monday mornings are also my fill up the gas tank days. Soon enough I am on the highway and in the flow of morning rush hour. The work day itself also has it’s routines but all of them are subject to change depending on the needs of the day. When my work day is complete, I will head back home to the rituals of the work day evening. I will have some dinner. Most nights it is at home but depending on the kind of day my wife or I had, it may be in a restaurant on the way home. When I arrive home I will bathe again, change into my evening attire, retreat to my cave and chill. At some point I will post my daily blog, read the newspaper, check my emails, and sometimes I will take a nap. I am a world class napper. Napping is something that old people can do better than young people. These daily rituals and routines carry me through my week and get me to another weekend. Weekends have their own rituals but also have a lot more flexibility. Whether it’s a work day or a weekend, I try to enjoy every minute of the day.

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