Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring Is Finally Here!

I think it is finally spring.  This really hit home on my drive home last night when I noticed the white blooms on the dogwood tress and the bright yellow flowers of the forsythia bushes.  I noticed the blooming daffodils weeks ago along the highway but at the time winter was still hanging on.  Another sure sign of spring for me is the birdsong I hear in the mornings as I struggle to get out of bed and begin my day.  Although I think all the seasons have their own beauty, spring is always a welcome sight after a long winter.  Sometimes in the waning days of winter I think I suffer from seasonal affective disorder.  The lack of sunlight affects my mood after a while.  When spring finally appears I feel a sense of renewal.  The colors of the new growth, especially flowers, makes me feel more alive and grateful.  I am also renewed by the continuous cycle of nature from the new birth of spring, the fullness of summer, the harvest of autumn, and the long sleep of winter.  The dependability of the change of seasons fills me with hope.  Today may actually feel a little like summer by the end of the day.  The forecast predicts temperatures in the low 80’s.  This will bring about another annual rite in my home.  I predict that when I get home today my wife will want to turn on the air conditioning.  I, of course, will be resistant because I like to have open windows as much as possible.  Plus, I am not in menopause.     

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Masala Chica said...

I am new here, but I am oh so happy to hear you are not in menopause ;-) Love your philosophy on finding joy in life and hope to read more of your writing!