Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Empty Mind

I am sitting here with an empty mind. Most days I drive to work with several ideas in my head about what my daily thoughts will be that day. Today I arrived here with no ideas and at this very moment I have no idea how this paragraph will end. I should be happy about my emptiness. Most unhappiness comes from our minds and the endless thoughts and fears that circulate within it. The goal of much meditation is to empty our minds and free us from our fears and worries. However, in this age of over stimulation and data overload, my empty mind scares me a little. I’m sure I should be thinking about something, like what I need to do when I finish this rambling. Emptiness might be as scary as overload. All of us want to reduce or eliminate stress in our lives, we want to be happy, and we want to avoid pain. At the same time we are often uneasy when we are too happy. We want to enjoy it but in the middle of it we fear it’s loss. Maybe the secret is to find some balance between emptiness and fullness. Along with an acceptable level of stress and thinking, we need to have an acceptable level of happiness and non-thinking. As soon as I hit the send button on these thoughts I am sure the needs of the day will kick it and the current emptiness of my mind will become full of the demands of the day. When all is empty and calm, enjoy the moment. Life is right behind it and the demands of living will knock on your door.

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