Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Journey Of Remembering

I believe part of the spiritual journey is trying to remember everything we have forgotten. We are born perfect but begin to lose our true nature as we “mature”. In a manner of speaking the spiritual journey is a return to the self. As we grow older we sometimes feel like we learn new things. I don’t think it is a learning so much as it is a remembering. As we remember who and what we are, we re-discover our true self, the self that is often hidden by our personalities. As I have shared before, our different personalities are nothing more than defense mechanisms we have unconsciously created as our way to deal with the world around us and to get love. Since we have not all had the same experience of life, we do not all have the same personality. I know my own personality well. It has been studied and tested by me on a number of occasions. I am programmed by my life’s experience to act a certain way. Many of us even try to look a certain way. I was asked once if I had a beard so I look “wiser”. Of course I do! Seriously, the challenge of the spiritual journey, and the return to the self, often pushes us to act the opposite of the way we want to act or think we should act. On some levels we are all frauds and imposters. We maintain our illusions of ourselves because we are afraid of who we might really be. If we are born perfect, a return to our true self cannot be scary. The real fear should be living in an illusion. People sometimes ask me, “How can I have inner peace”? First of all inner peace is not the result of having no conflict or challenges in your life. Inner peace comes from being who you are, accepting who you are, and being OK with who you are. If you are doing these things you are on your way to being your true self and experiencing inner peace. Now if I can just remember to do this….

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