Sunday, September 07, 2014

A Beautiful Morning And A Quiet Day

I always sleep a little later on the weekends than I do on a workday.  Like on most weekends I slept until about 8:30 AM today.  After brushing my teeth, washing my face, and taking my daily diabetes meds, I came downstairs.  I cooked some bacon, the aroma of which would eventually waft up the stairs and awaken my wife.  When I was done, I put on some monastic chants from the Benedictine monks of Christ in the Desert monastery in New Mexico.  I read a daily thought from Thomas Keating's Daily Reader for Contemplative Living and I began my morning meditation.   Soon after I was finished my wife appeared.  We got our breakfast together, poured our coffee, and together watched CBS Sunday Morning, my favorite news show.  It might be my favorite news show because it actually has very little news on it.  Its stories are mostly about art and drama and beauty and life.  In other words it is life affirming.  99% of most newscasts depress me.  When my wife eventually went off to do her thing, I opened a window, poured more coffee into my mug, and I watched an excellent concert on DVD.  Steve Hackett, the guitar player for the band Genesis throughout the 70's, has put together an excellent band called Genesis Revisited.  They beautifully recreate classic Genesis songs in a way that 1970's era technology could not do live.  The recreations of these classic songs are exquisite and thing of beauty.  They move me deeply.  This morning the weather has been very fall like.  Until the heat of the day finally appeared there was a cool breeze coming in my window.  Although it is technically still summer in my part of the world, in my mind it is now autumn.  Now all is quiet here, except for some music in the background, so it seems a good time for a nap before I rise to cook some dinner.  I love the leisurely life.  My work career, however, is not quite over so tomorrow begins another work week.  In a couple of years my entire life will be a life of leisure.      

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