Friday, September 26, 2014

Catching Watermelons

Once when I was in high school, after a night of drinking with my friends, I went to my job at a mom and pop grocery store.  As soon as I got to work, slightly hung over, the boss tells me I need to go to the front of the store because a local farmer was delivering a truck load of watermelons.  My job was to catch the watermelons when the farmer threw them to me.  I’m not sure what a typical watermelon weighs but let me tell you this.  It about did me in before the truck was unloaded.  Sometimes it can feel like life is throwing you watermelons and they are coming at you very quickly.  My first piece of advice is avoid having to catch watermelons when you are hung over.  Assuming you are not a physical wreck like I currently am, it’s a lot easier to catch watermelons when you are sober and alert.  This story is all a lead in to today’s topic which is balance.  The secret to catching watermelons, sober or hung over, is balance.  If your feet aren’t balanced and a twenty pound watermelon comes flying your way, you are going to get knocked over and the watermelon won’t end up too well either.  When one is balanced you can take on the characteristics of a deeply rooted oak tree.  The winds of life can blow and no matter what they bring, you remain standing.  Another word often associated with balance is centeredness.  Centeredness is basically knowing who you are, knowing what you believe, and practicing your values and beliefs.  Centeredness and balance, working in harmony, will get you through just about anything in life.    

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