Monday, September 15, 2014

We Are All Interdependent

One of my top five strengths, according to the Strength Finder test, is “connectedness”.  I wasn’t surprised when I discovered this.  My basic understanding of this strength is that I usually have the ability to see the big picture and to connect the dots.  It is easy for me to understand and to see how everything in life is connected and interdependent.  This way of seeing life is very Buddhist so now I also understand why I am so attracted to Buddhist ways.  The reality is that none of us are truly independent.  We are connected and we need one another to survive.  I could not survive in life purely on my own talents and resources.  There are people who take care of me and there are people that I take care of in many ways big and small.  We are all part of a giant mosaic.  Each one of us is a chip.  One chip by itself can seem insignificant.  All the chips together, working in harmony, can create a mural of great beauty.  We should all think more about the connectedness of life, our total interdependence with one another, and how none of us can survive without this awareness and acceptance.  Of course, we are more than worker bees in the great beehive of life.  We all have the ability to be great and to bring our greatness to life for the benefit of all.  Although we may be connected and dependent on one enough, our individuality can bring everything up a notch or two for all the people that we feel most connected to in our daily lives. 
Breathing in, I am connected to everyone else.
Breathing out, everyone else is connected to me.
Breathing in, I am connected to all of life.
Breathing out, all of life is connected to me.    

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