Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Human Dynamo

After a busy day yesterday, a day filled with a mixture of sadness and joy, I left work, picked up my wife at her office, and drove to my granddaughter’s bus stop to pick her up when she got off the school bus.  I could see her smiling face from a mile away.  When she got into my car it was like receiving a giant B-12 shot.  She is so full of life.  Yesterday was a school trip to Gatti Land so we heard tales of all her adventures while she was there.  I love talking with Chloe about the joys, trials, and tribulations of being a ten year old girl.  Some of you who read these thoughts have been reading about my granddaughter almost since the day she was born.  She’s only ten years old and still clinging to some of the innocence of childhood but she is also growing up quickly.  She has a sophistication and intelligence that often blows my mind.  She told my wife last night that if it wasn’t too late, she would like an iPhone for Christmas instead of a Samsung.  I am not sure what she is really getting but I expect to be receiving text messages from her soon.  She already has more computer skills than I do.  After the combination of yesterday’s meetings, a team lunch, and a few hours with a ball of fire called Chloe, I had to have a nap last night.  I get a couple of days to rest up before Chloe and I, along with Granny, go to Middle Earth on Saturday to fight some Orcs, kill a dragon, and recover the lost Dwarf homeland. 
The above is one of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter and me when she was still a little girl.

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