Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Sometimes when life is going along in its usual fashion a sudden and unexpected sadness is thrust upon us.  It can stop us in our tracks and life seems to come to a screeching halt.  Many people I know in my office are feeling such a sadness today.  We all seek joy in our lives but pain is often what makes us most human.  When this pain is shared with others, our common humanity shines forth.  Our sadness can seem magnified when it intrudes into a time when we are preparing for the holidays.  Sometimes we take joy and happiness for granted.  Sadness, however, especially when it is unexpected, gives us pause and most people reevaluate their life and priorities as a result.  Sadness is a wakeup call.  We are not made to be sad.  We are made to be happy.  Most of us would not appreciate our happiness if it wasn’t balanced with some sadness.  The pain that many people are feeling today is part of life.  We must embrace it and allow ourselves to feel it.       

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