Monday, December 22, 2014

Each Bag Represents A Child

The highlight of last week for me was leaving work on Friday and spending my afternoon volunteering at the Salvation Army Angel Tree Distribution Center.  This is where are the toys and clothes end up from all the angels that are distributed in local stores.  It was a chaotic scene when we arrived and I briefly wondered what I had gotten myself into.  We had a brief orientation and then were assigned jobs.  I was fortunate to get the job of actually dealing with the people who showed up to collect toys and clothes for their children and grandchildren.  As the Salvation Army staff told us, “Each bag represented a child”.  I thought about that and also how blessed my own family is at this time of year.  This work was enjoyable to me and had deep meaning.  I felt like I was doing a good thing and it was something that had purpose.  According to the Salvation Army staff there were approximately 10,500 bags that were being distributed.  Even though my son ended up as the priest, I, too, have always felt like a minister.  The best part of my daily work is ministry to me and spending my Friday afternoon helping the poor and disadvantaged was deeply meaningful.  As I handed out the bags I imagined myself doing more things like this when I retire and I have lots more available time on my hands. 

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