Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Organized Chaos

I once read an article about geese flying south for the winter.  When geese fly in a group they are in what appears to be a V formation.  I’m hoping that at some point in your life you have looked up at the sky and have witness this.  The article said the flying pattern is a more complicated than a simple V formation.  Within the V formation, and around it, some geese are in different positions that could be considered organized chaos.  All the geese, however, seem to know exactly what they are doing and the seeming chaos is not random.  Scientists believe there is a high level of communication going on between the geese and there is an overall harmony and order that is occurring.  If you’ve ever seen this formation of geese flying overhead on an late fall or early winter morning, it is a thing of beauty.  When there is order in the universe, and everything is working in harmony, there is always beauty.  This is why so many people find solace in nature.  This is why people flock to national parks and retreat houses in rural areas.  People love beauty, harmony, and the order that creates them.  It is soothing for the soul and it helps us to be centered and grounded.  When life is wild and crazy and dis-ordered, it frays our nerves and destroys our harmony and inner peace.  Let’s all try to fly in formation today even if a few of us may appear to be in organized chaos.     

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