Wednesday, January 17, 2007

All Of Life Is Sacred

I am enjoying these quiet January days. There is a peacefulness in their ordinariness. Most of our lives are made up of such days. Ordinary time is the space between holidays and holy days. They connect the special days and moments of our lives. Of course, ordinary days can still be extraordinary. These are the days when the extraordinary can sneak up on us because we do not expect it. It can be as simple as lunch with a friend that ends with new possibilities. It is in ordinary time that I realize there is no difference between sacred time and secular time. The older I get, the more these two concepts become one for me. My spiritual life is not separate or different from my secular life "in the world". I have one life and all of it is sacred. Sometimes I celebrate the sacredness of life by being in a church or going to the monastery. Most of the time, however, I celebrate the sacredness of life by simply living it the best I can where I exist and by being open to those moments of transcendence that surprise me in the least expected times or places. The world is my church and the sacred is found everywhere. For me, there's no difference between sitting in silence at the monastery or being at home doing the laundry or cleaning up the kitchen. God is in all things.

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