Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Snow That Wasn't

I went to bed last night hopeful that the weatherman's prediction of one to three inches of snow overnight would come true. I slept in till daylight and then rose in anticipation of a neighborhood covered in snow. When I looked out my window all I could see was a combination of sleet and ice hanging on the tree limbs. A light rain was falling. It was a supreme disappointment. Snow on the gound would have made this a perfect morning. It is Sunday and I have no where to go. How nice it would have been to get up early, see snow on the gound, make coffee, sit in solitude with the blinds open, and read the Sunday paper as I listen to music. Instead, the weather is dreary and overcast with a periodic light rain. The morning has not been a waste. With the exception of the snow, I enjoyed everything else that is part of a perfect Sunday morning.

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