Thursday, January 25, 2007

Light And Breezes

Every time I announce that I am taking a day off from work I receive emails saying, "What about the daily thoughts? I look forward to them and my day doesn't get off to a good start without them". I am very flattered and grateful that so many of you find these thoughts enjoyable. I enjoy writing and sharing my musings and life with you. Back in September I started this online blog. It needed to have a title so I called it Stumbling Down the Spiritual Path. I share my ups and downs and occasional spiritual insights as a dim light for others who are also attempting to walk a spiritual path in the midst of their daily lives. My journey has been enjoyable and meaningful for me most of the time. However, as the title to my blog implies, it often feels like I am stumbling down the spiritual path. It is not always a steady and upright walk in the park. Like some of my friends who are monks and perhaps many of you, some days I am just trying to get through the day. I am not always full of enthusiasm for the journey. However, a wonderful woman from 16th century Spain, Teresa of Avila, once said, "You must remember in darkness what you once experienced in the light". What I have experienced and what I hopefully have made all of you aware is that we all have moments of light in our lives. It does, however, take a spiritual awareness to see the light in our lives. If you are rushing around, working too much and too hard, overextended, stressed out, frazzled, and always tired, you will miss the moments of light in your life. God is the light and in my experience He/She does not beat you over the head to get your attention. God is usually quiet and He/She weaves in and out of your daily lives. It is only through an interior quietness and by being presence to the moments in our lives that we can notice God's presence. God's presence is more like a gentle breeze than a hurricane.

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well stated!