Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Enjoy Every Minute Of The Day

I think there is something to be enjoyed about all the different times of the day. Each moment has its own feel. When I rise there is a struggle as I crawl out from under the warm blankets and leave my soft bed. It's a slow walk to the bathroom but my morning shower feels great. A hot shower is one of life's simple joys. By the time I am dressed I am feeling pretty good. In the mornings I am usually rested and feeling fresh. I am alert and aware. Mornings are my best time of day. I am definitely a morning person. With my current schedule I have some quiet time for reading before I leave for work. The drive to work is peaceful. I listen to quiet music as I flow with the morning traffic. As soon as I drop my wife off at her office I switch to the classic rock station on my satellite radio. I also crank it up. It has the same effect as a double espresso. When I arrive at work, I like the cold walk into the building. My workday is usually pleasant, always busy, and rarely bad. I don't mind coming to work but I don't mind leaving at the end of the day either. After a day of being with people I enjoy my momentary solitude driving to my wife's office and waiting for her. Arriving home after a good day at work is a great feeling. It feels good to bathe and change my clothes. I look forward to an evening of relaxing. Most evenings I am free and have no commitments. I read the daily news, listen to music, play on my computer a bit and maybe read a little depending on my fatigue level. At some point I will watch some television. When my day is over, it feels great to return to the bed I left at the beginning of the day. A day in the life can be a metaphor for our entire lives. The different stages and times of our lives have their own feel. At my current age, the body does not always feel good but the heart is happy and the mind is calm. Enjoy every minute of your day. These minutes add up to your life.

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Sonya Rose said...

Thank you. I'm happy to say that I did just this: "Enjoy Every Minute Of The Day" ... a few days ago, I woke up before the sun and grabbed my camera to take some shots in Malibu, in the canyon and near the ocean. Now, most of the images I froze in time are vanished from existence—from the raging fires recently. Hard to believe...

All my very best and thanks so much for sharing your world~