Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend Rest? What Rest?

This morning was a very cold morning. The electronic bank sign said it was 13 degrees and my car themostat said it was 18 degrees so in reality is was probably about 15 degrees. I had a very busy three day weekend. This past Thursday night my wife and I spent nearly six hours in the emergency room with my mother in law. She had fallen and received a nasty cut. She's going to be fine but it was 2:00 AM before we got home. The next day I drove to the monastery on four hours of sleep. It was a beautiful and pleasant day. I'm sure the monks were impressed with me when they saw me in church. I appeared to be in deep meditation. The reality was that I was falling asleep every time I closed my eyes during mass. Afterwards, my friend, Fr Dennis, and I went out for breakfast. We had some great conversation and we talked of many things. Because of our sleep deprivation, my wife left work early on Friday and after I picked her up at her office, we went home and took a three hour nap. I did get to sleep in a little on Saturday but my granddaughter, Princess Chloe, joined us two hours earlier than I expected. Once she is on the scene, there's no rest. She's never really bad but she is very active. I love her deeply but she definitely has more energy than me and I wear out before she does. I did take her with me on a field trip to the music store on Sunday. She insisted on wearing my hat the entire time. Sunday was also busy. My wife was out shopping for new furniture for our living room. She went with Chloe's parents. When they returned home I fed everyone my homemade pizza. Afterwards, Chloe and her parents went to their home. Whew! It was good to get back to work where I can rest.

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