Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finally...A Decent Snow/Chloe & Pa Paw Spend The Day Together

Today has been a great day. It has been snowing all day. The accumulation has not been great but all the trees and bushes and the ground are covered. Driving home from my son's home this evening I had to drive slow because I could barely see.

The day began early with my granddaughter, Chloe, waking up about 6:00 AM wanting to talk. After discussing quantum physics and a few other lighter subjects, she drifted back into her dreams. We managed a couple more hours of sleep. Eventually, we got up, had some breakfast, and began watching cartoons. Later in the morning we danced in my music room to the beat of the Beach Boys. Afterwards, Chloe and I went to visit my parents while my wife stayed home to steam off old wallpaper....a task I wished to avoid. She is repainting the living room and replacing all the furniture. Now there is even more chaos in my life. My home is topsy turvy. While Chloe and I were at my parents, we spent some time playing in the snow and watching the birds eat the wild birdseed my mother puts out for them.

I've never had the problem of anyone loving me too much. Chloe, however, is crazy about her "Pa Paw". She adores me and I adore her. The problem is that once she is with me, she doesn't want to be out of my sight or go home to her parents. Tonight, after I took her home, she cried and cried when I left. It's wonderful to be so loved but it breaks my heart to see her so upset.

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