Monday, February 12, 2007

In The Wake Of Chloe

I was almost glad to return to work today. I needed the rest. After my granddaughter spends the night at my house I sometimes feel like I have been beaten up. Don't get me wrong. I love her dearly and enjoy her presence. The marathon began on Saturday afternoon. I went to my son's home to pick up Chloe. When I got there she was asleep. When she woke up she showed me her newly painted room and we played with her toys. Afterwards we went to dinner with the entire family, including my mother in law. Chloe was doing back flips in the restaurant trying to attain her freedom from the seat next to me. The next 24 hours was a never ending rotation of getting up and down, playing on the floor, and being a beast of burden while she rode on my back. If she said "Pa Paw" once, she said it a thousand times. We talked about many things. We drank punch flavored juice and ate popcorn. Whenever I awoke through the night, we were nose to nose. It is, however, very enjoyable to wake up with Chloe in the bed. She sits up and immediately begins a conversation. When we finally decided to get up, we went downstairs for some milk and donuts. When she went home I was left with a joyful exhaustion. I can't wait until her next visit.

Here are some notes from Chloe's last report card from the day care.

"Chloe is the most articulate child in her class".

"Chloe sometimes chooses not to participate in group activities".

Hmmmm.....sounds a bit like her grandfather!

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