Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Point Of The Spiritual Life

It is still cold with temperatures in the teens this morning. I don't mind the cold and I am simply giddy over the prospect of 2-3 inches of snow this afternoon.

Yesterday was Monday and it felt like Monday all day long. I felt like I was stuck in first gear. I tried throughout the day to shift into a higher gear but it seemed that my internal clutch was broken. Maybe it was the gray and stark winter day. We are at that point in the season where people are starting to long for some green in their lives. Life underground is still dormant but in a few months it will burst forth.

Recently I was discussing the spiritual life with a friend. We were talking about how the spiritual life for many people is all about doing things or fulfilling obligations. Some people are always saying prayers or going to church but they never seem to change. I believe these things are good but if nothing is going on internally, it's all fluff. The whole point of the spiritual life is an inner transformation that causes a change of heart. The Greek word for this change is "metanoia". The prophet Ezekiel talks about turning a heart of stone into a heart of flesh. This change of heart, this inner transformation, this stripping away of the false self to find the true self that we are in God is the whole point of the spiritual life. If this isn't happening, you are missing the boat. This transformation is what makes us into more loving people. If there is a final exam before entering whatever Heaven is, it will only have one question. The question will be "How much did you love"?

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